Your stems will be carefully and independently processed through various analog and digital compressors, eqs and effects. This will add more depth, width, vibe and loudness; giving your final master a higher quality sound and experience. This will then be delivered to you in a private cloud folder the following formats:


Streaming (44.1kHz 24bit)
CD (44.1kHz 16 bit)
MP3 (High quality 320 kbps 16bit)
FLAC (lossless file)

This package will ensure that you can confidently send your music out to the world, knowing it will work on every streaming platform, be loud and have a great, full sound on every playback system. Please note that this product is a master for 1 song only.

Stem Mastering

  • Please export your mix out of your DAW at 44.1kHz with a 24 bit rate.