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Why Do I Need Someone To Mix My Song?

Have you ever been unhappy with the final mixes of your songs? Why would you put all that effort in to writing and creating your song if the final mixed version is going to be a shadow of what it could be? Unfortunately, these are things that we as musicians have all been through. Hiring someone to professionally mix your project will expand your musical vision with a fresh perspective; giving it more life, depth, vibe and emotion.

Why Hire MJD?

MJD wants to help create art with you. Every aspect is always specifically tailored to your music and there are no blanket templates. The one-of-a-kind vibe and atmosphere created whilst recording/mixing your tracks is what will give your songs your USP. Lets see what happens!

Have a listen to MJD's portfolio

How Does This Work?

Whether you have already recorded at a studio or have recorded something at home, you can upload your raw files to an exclusive private cloud for it to be mixed.

With unlimited revisions and highly affordable quotes, your music will sound the way you wanted it.

For more info on how to upload your tracks for mixing, please see this page.

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