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What Is Mastering?

Mastering gets your music ready for the world to experience the way you always imagined it. It expands your song and  injects it with more life, energy, vibe, width, depth and loudness. This transformation will guarantee that your song sounds great on all speaker systems.

Why Do I Need Mastering?

Traditionally a mastering engineer is be hired  for their fresh perspective to perform the last finishing touches before release. They would ensure that your track can stand up and sonically compete whilst being as loud as the best sounding songs out there.

How Can It Be Done?

Mastering can be done with a single stereo file of your mix or it can be done by “stem mastering".

Stem mastering has the ability to further magnify the listening experience by mastering each instrument group individually. For more info on how to upload your tracks for mastering please see this page.

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