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Unique Alternative UK Mixer

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Using a big old converted church to record beautiful sounds that you've never experienced before

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Incorporating unique mixing techniques to ensure that your music keeps it's individuality

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Putting the final touching on your mix to ensure it sounds great everywhere

The Fiend
Axiom - Hidden
A Woman Scorned
Good Times Turn Bad

"This is one of the greatest prog-rock mixes I have heard for a very long time"

Burak Gundogdu / Reviewer /

Who is MJD?

MJD (Michael Jensen Després) is a unique UK audio mixer who specialises in creating new and explosive sounds that make your project sound distinctive and special.

He has worked with numerous pop, acoustic, jazz, rock, prog and metal bands in various studios around the UK and has been a successful musician playing in various bands across the country. 

Why MJD?

Pieces of art aren’t the same so why should music have the same sound or mix? Music is an expressive, emotional art form that can portray so many things to so many different people… can you imagine music without these vital elements? Music needs to be alive and meaningful.

MJD wants to help create art with you. Every aspect is always specifically tailored to your music and there are no blanket templates. The one-of-a-kind vibe and atmosphere created whilst recording/mixing your tracks is what will give your songs your USP. Lets see what happens!

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Whether you want to record all your songs in one go or separate chunks, live band or recorded individually, the spaces available are more than big enough to accommodate your ideas; anything is possible!

But what if I don’t have a big budget?
This isn’t an issue. Every project is different and there are no set prices. What’s on offer is to ensure that musicians get to professionally paint their musical canvas for the world to hear and experience. Chances are if you love it, someone else will too!

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What's Available?

Full Production Package

MJD works from many affordable locations and offers a FULL artist production package. From start to finish you will work as closely as you want with MJD, breathing new life into your project and giving your hard worked material all the attention it needs with unlimited possibilities at hand.

Online Mixing/Mastering

Whether you've recorded at home or in another studio and are not happy with the results; MJD will transform your multitrack recordings into something special, powerful and enormous, every time.  Send your recorded multitracks and see how your songs suddenly stand out!

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