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Cardiff, UK
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Recording to the highest quality


Using unique mixing techniques to ensure that your music


Competitive loudness without compromising your dynamics or transients

"The production on the record compliments it's musical proficiency. “Diatribe” sounds open, clear, and precise...Production 9/10."

Anton Sanatov / Reviewer / Metal-temple.com


Unique UK Rock and Metal Mixer





Full Production Package

MJD works from many affordable locations and offers a FULL artist production package. From start to finish you will work as closely as you want with MJD, breathing new life into your project and giving your hard worked material all the attention it needs with unlimited possibilities at hand.



Online Mixing/Mastering

MJD transforms your multitrack recordings into something special, powerful and enormous, every time. Whether you have recorded at home or elsewhere, send your recorded multitracks today! 



Why MJD?

Having learned his craft from some of the best names in the business; MJD's unconventional manipulation of the sonic field ensures that what you hear back will get you hooked. His attention to detail is second to none and he always strives to give the artist the best experience alongside the best sounding record. Your song will stand out on playlists. 

Who is MJD?

MJD (Michael Jensen Després) is a unique UK mixer who specialises in creating new and explosive sound that makes your project sound fresh and distinctive.

He has worked with numerous pop, rock, prog and metal bands in various studios around the UK and has been a successful musician playing in various bands across the country. 


MJD's flexibility means that regardless of your budget and location, a compromise can always be met. Whether you require a full production from the ground up or you want to send some files for mixing, there is something for everyone.


Request A Quote

For all types of inquiries please fill in the form below. Alternatively you can email me directly at michael@madebymjd.com.



"The production on the record compliments it's musical proficiency. “Diatribe” sounds open, clear, and precise...The performances of the musicians on the record cannot receive enough praise. Yes, in the genre of Prog. Metal everyone can play, but here you have a band who truly love to; and you can hear it in every playful pinch harmonic and every rhythmic roll.
Production 9/10."

Anton Sanatov / Reviewer / metal-temple.com

"Michael's production lends honesty to the final mixes aesthetic while delivering clarity to the details in the bands’ compositions, all without compromising what AXIOM do best."



"Being a new band, we had some preconceptions about how we thought we'd need to record and produce it. Michael blew these out of the water without batting an eye-lid; literally becoming a 4th member of the band without over imposing.

During preproduction he made himself constantly available by assuring us of any concerns.  He helped us prepare to maximise our time with him, attended live shows, studied our live rehearsal recordings and delved deep into our personal drum, bass and guitar tones.

The mix-down process was then smooth and exciting with regular updates which kept us in the loop and exceeded all expectations from the very first mix. His embellishments have added a distinct depth, excitement and vibe to our E.P's sonic picture and impressively has not compromised our performance or sound."

Zaid Crowe / Guitarist / AXIOM


"Mike is an awesome guy to work with and someone who knows his stuff inside out. An absolute must go to for any band out there wanting to sound ahead of the rest."

Sam Bennett / Bassist / Icantdie


"MJD delivers world class tracking and production at a fraction of the cost, it's just scientific fact. Mike is meticulous and a complete mixing wizard who has a gift for getting the best performance out of anyone. If you want your band to sound like they flew to LA with an unlimited budget to make an album, hit up MJD."

Jon Evans / Guitarist / Malum Sky


"MJD's detailed hearing always helps me get the best possible mix before mastering and as a result the finished product always sound great. I trust MJD with all of my mastering."

Johnny Marsh / Producer / T3TRA


"We recently worked with MJD on a couple of tracks. He was super professional and real chilled out throughout the entire process. Straight up one of the best sounds we've gotten out of recording anything. MJD will literally squeeze every ounce of potential out of a song, putting his own creative flair into the track but also knows when to hold back and let the song shine for itself. It was an absolute pleasure to work with MJD, and look forward to working with him again.."

James Birkett / Singer / Blind Divide


"Having worked with numerous producers, engineers and mastering engineers; I can safely say that MJD’s services in relation to quality and cash is second to none. Searching for a specific sound and capturing a decade in one single track has been a constant struggle for us and having previous disagreements over sound and direction with other producers, I feel Mike has pulled off an absolute blinder. The entire process was refreshing as you are kept in the loop as much or as little as you’d like! This makes me confident in saying that Mike will go the extra mile every time to ensure his clients are happy."

Jon Hood / Bassist / Raider


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